Lifecycle of Mosquitoes – Human Hosts

Lifecycle of a Mosquito

Before we can really understand how to control mosquitoes, we must understand their life story. This illustration shows the four life stages of a typical mosquito. Click on any of the four life stages, or one of the mosquitoes’ hosts for more information.

Human Hosts

Female mosquitoes generally require a blood meal before eggs can be laid. Depending on her species, the mosquito adult may feed on birds, pets, wildlife or you. Because of her slender mouth-parts, the female mosquito’s bite is often painless. Mosquitoes are drawn to a combination of our body scents and to the carbon dioxide we exhale.

Shortly after the bite, the spot may become itchy and form a flattened “wheal” or bump, like you see here. A few mosquitoes, unfortunately, introduce disease-causing viruses into the blood during feeding. Mosquito-borne diseases include several kinds of encephalitis and West Nile virus.