Controlling Mosquitoes – Sprays

Controlling Mosquitoes

Some mosquito problems can’t easily be controlled by eliminating breeding sites alone. Select one of the control options to learn more about how to fight mosquitoes on your own terms.


One way to control mosquitoes is to kill them while they rest on shrubbery foliage or the sides of structures. This can be done with longer lasting residual insecticides. A pest control professional can quickly apply such sprays to mosquitoes resting sites using a backpack mist blower or power sprayer or with care, this can be a do it yourself project.

Special aerosol or pesticide sprays sold or longer lasting mosquito control can be purchase in many garden and hardware stores. Pyrethroid insecticides like those containing the active ingredient shown here can last for weeks killing adult mosquitoes on their resting surfaces.

Always read and follow labels carefully. Disregarding pesticide label directions is not just illegal; it can harm people and pets, and pollute the environment. Keep sprays away from streams and ponds, and never spray on a windy day.