Types of Mosquitoes – Psorophora columbiae

Types of Mosquitoes

There are about 200 kinds of mosquitoes in the U.S.; each has its own special characteristics and behaviors. Shown here are seven types that are likely to be the most common and important public health mosquito species in your area.  Select a type of mosquito to learn more.


Physical Characteristics of
Psorophora columbiae

This is a large, dark-bodied mosquito with a pale band on the proboscis and the middle of the hind leg tarsal segment. Second abdominal segment with a broad apical band.


Psorophora columbiae

Psorophora columbiae. This large, dark mosquito with the painful bite is a floodwater species that becomes abundant following spring and summer rains. Temporary pools of water need stand only 3 to 4 days to produce these mosquitoes.

Though not as important a disease carrier as some mosquito species, Psorophora have been associated with encephalitis outbreaks in some areas. They are furious day and nighttime biters and are excellent fliers. They commonly disperse 6 to 10 miles or more from breeding sites.