Types of Mosquitoes – Aedes sollicitans

Types of Mosquitoes

There are about 200 kinds of mosquitoes in the U.S.; each has its own special characteristics and behaviors. Shown here are seven types that are likely to be the most common and important public health mosquito species in your area.  Select a type of mosquito to learn more.


Physical Characteristics of
Aedes sollicitans

Medium-sized mosquito with conspicuous white bands around middle of proboscis and the basal portion of the hind tarsi. Middle of first tarsus with band of yellow scales. Pale-scaled stripe down middle of top abdomen. Thorax with dense patches of brown, yellow, golden and white scales. Pointed abdomen typical of Aedes.

Aedes sollicitans

Aedes sollicitans is also known as the salt marsh mosquito. Aedes sollicitans prefers to breed in salty or brackish water. It is a common coastal mosquito, especially in the eastern parts of the U.S. Like its other Aedes cousins, it is a vicious daytime biter.

It has been associated with some encephalitis-causing virues as well as transmission of dog heartworm. Adults can move as far as 40 to 50 miles from their breeding sites in search of blood meals